She knows how guys are. Guys have that “bro code” going on where they cover for each other and keep each others’ secrets. Most guys would let their boys cheat on their girlfriends and not say a word about it. In fact, they would even try to influence the guy into doing it and would praise him if he’s able to go thru with it. They would be like “Don’t worry, bro. She isn’t gonna find out. I’m not gonna say anything. If you wanna get with that other girl, go ahead. I’ll just tell her we had a boys’ night and that you’re chilling with me while you’re doing your thing with the other girl. I got you”.
However, she wonders if you got any boys that would tell you “No, bro, it isn’t worth it. You have a good girl and you’re lucky to have her. You’re in a relationship that most people wish they could be in. Don’t fuck that up just because that other girl is cute and she happens to like you. Yeah, she likes you, but so what? You already have a girl that loves you. You need to stop thinking with your dick and start thinking clearly because I don’t want you to make a mistake and do something you’ll end up regretting later on. As your boy, I’m telling you this. Don’t cheat on your girl, bro. You wouldn’t want her cheating on you, now, would you? Forget about that other girl and don’t lose sight of what’s important”.